Monday, January 23, 2012

pocatello, pies & zombies


this weekend was chill. i went on a girls' overnight trip to pocatello, too much fun! travis played lots of zombies with lots of people while i was gone. i attended a Pride & Predjudice tea party & made this for dinner. Sunday was filled with visiting teaching for me & for travis, more zombies. we invited some friends over for dinner where we ate their killer enchiladas & my yummy blackberry pie! it turned out fabulous guys, I CAN MAKE PIES!!!

how was your weekend?
xo lauren


A FANCY DAY said...

I wish I was better at making pies. Sounds like a fun weekend.

jessica said...

Yum! That looks delicious! My hubs is all about the zombies, too. I'm hoping it's a phase because I can't watch, it creeps me out! Haha

wHiT said...

a Pride & Predjudice tea party, say it ain't so! I just watched that movie on Friday night.
P.S. your pie looks fantastic!

Miss Kenzie said...

sounds amazing! and that pie, i dont know if i am more jealous about the pride and pejudice tea part or the that!


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