Thursday, January 12, 2012

the one with the hair

peeps, what should i do with my hair?
 i've pulled some inspiration from the blog world of  a few beauties with HOT HEADS.

1, 2, 3, 4

basically, i'm at that point in my life. 
to grow out my hair, or cut it again. 
choices, choices. 

i would be perfectly happy either way! i simply cannot decide. it's fun to have short hair, i feel edgy-gorgeous just about every day. however! i've never had long hair.
if i start to grow it out, i'd probably get extensions {something i've wanted to do FOREVS}
and if i have long hair, i can do this 

so, what do you think?
cut it again, or grow it out?
cast your votes! because of how high up on the fence i am about this, i'll probably throw my freewill to the wind and just do what you guys tell me to do. 
ohhhhh, the power.
but, don't get crazy. 

xo lauren


Erin said...

I had long hair and then wanted a I chopped it off...then I regretted it and spent the past several years growing it out! I love long hair :) But you are so cute either way!

Natasha Louise said...

You are so lucky you can pull off short hair, I think you'll look GORGEOUS whatever you do, but all I'm thinking is, grow it out, get extensions, whatevs, see if you like it and if not then chop it off??

haleybrianna said...

I love three and four! I cut my hair super short and am now growing it back out because it's so much easier to work with long!

I just came across your blog and I love it!

haleybrianna said...

I love three and four, but that's just me! I adore long hair. It's so much easier to work with :)

LindsayNicole said...

Your blog is adorable. Just became your newest follower. I LOVE your blog and look forward to following! Cant wait to read more posts-


steph said...

grow it out just for fun! get extensions- they're a blast and a half. as soon as i get fit & tan, i'm chopping my hair. but grow it out just to do it. your hair is just gorgeous anyways

freya said...

i vote you go long! you've never done it before so you gotta try it out! there are so many styling options when it comes to long hair! i love picture number three. i'm looking for a change for my hair too and that looks amazing.

good luck deciding!

Candace Stevenson said...

You've had short hair your whole life so I say grow it out!!! Plus, I know this great place you can get extensions for $30 haha from China, of course; the ones I have a very good for being so cheap. Then you can decide if you like the long hair or short hair better. doneskis

Anonymous said...

I think long! Like number 3, but you'd look good both short & long!

Jennie said...

I adoooore long hair!

Irene said...

you look way too CUTE with short hair but if you want long hair for once you should try, maybe you don't like it that much in the end but it's cool to change sometimes!!! :)

kate said...

1!!! Because you cut now is so dang cute on you but dark would be fun!

Miss Kenzie said...

i love your blog! it is WAY cute! i would definitely grow it many possibilities for long hair! its so fun!


Mrs. Darcy said...

Just found your blog and I am in LOVE! I vote for #3. I think you would look amazing with long hair:)

Adding you to my list of daily reads!


Andrea said...

I LOVE 3, but I also LOVE 4! I'm at the same point in life and just wrote a blog post about it too :) Short hair is awesome and so fun, and you look styled every day, but long hair is awesome because of the versatility. I'm growing mine long for now, but we all know that I'll be cutting it again before long :) I think whatever you decide will be BEAUTIFUL!! :)

And, extensions would be FUN! Go for it!

Andrea xoxo

Andrea said...

(And now I can't remember if in my previous comment I said I loved 2&3 or 3&4... haha. I meant I love 2&3.. short and long :)

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