Friday, February 03, 2012

The Dating Years

I wish, above all else, that I had a photo from the day I met Travis. But alas, a girl never knows when she'll meet her future husband. On the day I met Travis, I had a daisy in my hair & a nervous smile on my face. Travis, wonderful Travis, was more than ready to sweep me off my feet. Read more about it here.

Here's us on our first date. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I wasn't looking forward to the date as much as I should have been. My room girls & I had just barely come home from an all day shopping trip, and I was dead tired. We came home late, and I walked in our apartment to find Travis sitting on our couch. He wore a gigantic smile when I walked into the room{he always wears a gigantic smile} and I found it made me feel more like a woman than any doting boy had ever done before.
Now, I 'd like to say that from the very first date we automatically knew we were mad for each other. But it didn't quite work that way for us. I think it's safe to say that we each thought the other was perfectly amazing, but we both were a little hesitant about recognizing, and sharing, our feelings.

For a while, we did perfectly silly things. Like, after attending my first rodeo with these two boys, we watched a movie before heading home. They worked it out so that I was sandwiched between the two of them on the couch. I learned afterward that their plan was that surely I would end up cuddling with the one I liked best!
But these boys didn't know that my mama did not raise me to be a cuddle slut.
Their plan failed, obvi.
Then there was that time that we hiked Y mountain. At the top, I didn't sit by Travis.
What is wrong with my face, you ask? It was a mask for hiding my feelings I suppose.
AND THEN there was that time that Travis & I went to a ball with the WRONG DATES!
Then my big sister came to visit. My big sister knows everything.
I think she could see love brewin' under our little radars.
She encouraged Travis to tell me his feelings.
And she told me to stop being a dork & tell Trav I loved him.
We followed her advice. We became a couple. We were so happy ♥
And we did young-puppy-love type things. Like, he made me a tasty lunch!
And we went sledding in the chilly chilly snow!

And there was that time we got in a shaving cream fight with friends. {We're on the left}
When our apartments got in a prank war, he had the INSANE idea to newspaper my entire apartment.
I love that crazy kidd.
And we started writing each other cute love notes & things. He even bought me a love fern!
& oh, I started realizing how deeply, madly, crazy in love I was with that man.

and, well.... I guess the rest is history.
xo lauren


Miss Kenzie said...

AWWW this is beyond precious:) i totally just sighed out loud!
and your red dress in that one picture is amazingly cute!!

Livi said...

soul sister : you need to sign up for my giveaway! i think this stuff would look ka a yoot on you :)

Anonymous said...

this is AWESOME, and uber cute might I add!! The "love fern" is so classic! I was just talking about how much i love that movie--yucky yucky pizza...yummy yummy cucumber sandwich!

memory said...

the hair sticking up from the shaving cream fight. the newspapered apartment. (i laughed both times) y'all are too cute.


Cait Emma said...

haha you both are so adorable xoxo nice to meet you!


Madi Rose said...

:) I'm loving this trip down memory lane. I can remember all these emotions you two went through. I love this post. (ps. that last picture? melts my heart)

Erinn said...

Your dating years looked so fun! Thanks for sharing :)
I'm you newest follower and I'm still exploring your blog but so far I really love it! I see you do sponsor swap and if you like my blog as well, I'd love to do a swap with you :) If not, well then you have a new follower who really enjoys reading
Hope you're having a great day!

Autumn said...

This is one of the cutest things I have ever read and the cuddling thing totally made me laugh.

Newspaper prank idea? Amazing.

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