Friday, February 17, 2012

a la telephone

1 & 2 a few shots of t's new hair
3 butterfinger pancakes for breakfast in bed (it was better in theory)!
4 that felt heart garland which turned out so nicely
5 my visiting teachers brought me cookies when i was sick! too sweet.
6 snatched a photo of T in his hard hat. i think next i'll ask that he be a cowboy, a policeman, an indian... you get it.
7 when i sat down to do the taxes... and wondered when i had become a grown up.
8 T working on that big TV of his.
9 reading the Sorcerer's Stone for the umpteenth time. HP FOR LIFE.
10 we had some mold growing on our windowsill. i put on my yellow bandana & scrubby-scrubbed that mold out of our lives!

xo lauren


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Looks like lots of fun :)

Jennie Moss said...

baby girl,
I put up your button. My code is on my page! lovesssss

jennie moss

Cait Emma said...

harry potter whoop-whoop!!

Ashley Eliza said...

butterfinger pancakes?? yesss please! you are too cute. glad i found your blog.


kate said...

I need to see more photos of your hair! Where does T work? Landon wears a hard hat and the background looks too similar... hmmmmn?

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