Monday, February 20, 2012

oh heyy


we had a totally lazy weekend. travis got the flu and i did my best to shove cough drops and nyquil down his throat till he felt better. on saturday we met up with trav's brother & family at their friends' house... and it was the most beautiful house is the history of ever. they designed the floor plan themselves and she made absolutely everything in the house... from the kitchen table to the lamp shades. oh it just makes me so excited when we'll actually live in a real live HOUSE one day. to finish up the weekend, we ate at the taco bus by our apartment and had a few game nights with friends. a very chill weekend.
how was yours?
xo lauren

oh & i dyed my hair. surprise!


Miss Kenzie said...

sounds like you had a fun weekend!
and your hair looks gorgeous!


steph said...

way cute girl!

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