Tuesday, February 21, 2012

lovebook XVIII

1. I am so making this Carrie Bradshaw skirt! Holy heck!
2. My girl Evi made a list of things pregnant women do that they really just... shouldn't. lol
3. 10 Things that make the difference in a marriage. I thought these were very sweet, and I am all for number two, let me tell you!!
4. She may be a little naked, but i want to be her when I grow up.
5. Go to google images and type in "underwater dog photography". Just trust me.
6. I recently found Classy Confessions, and Megan may just be my new favorite up-and-coming style blogger.
7. I just wish I can be this fabulous when I'm 90 years old.
8. I Waste So Much Time
9. Pretty pretty synchro girls
10. 50 Recipes for Chicken Breast! It's as Travis always says: "You can never get enough breast."

xo lauren


Aly said...

you inspire me. and i love your cuteness.

HAHAHAHAHAHA to your husband! is he related to mine? i'm pretty sure that it's possible.... :)

Cait Emma said...

aw i love this post lauren! xo (i want that white ruffled swimsuit so badly!)

Tara Beckert said...

Loved every single one! Your blog is a new favorite. Completely love it!

Erin said...

Ha ha I googled the underwater dogs! OH MY GOODNESS HAHAHA!

jessica said...

lovely list girlie! I'm checking some of these out!!

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