Wednesday, February 08, 2012

orange you glad i wore pants today?


my sister gifted me with a giftcard to Forever21 this year for Christmas. there isn't a single F21 anywhere near Rexburg, i'm pretty sure the closest one is in Salt Lake. Lame. So, for the first time in my life, i turned to online shopping. since it was my first time, i was feeling very daring. heck, i was downright risky business.
so, i clicked "purchase". {a very invigorating feeling}
i bought bright orange pants. 
i wore this outfit to a friend's birthday party the other day. i think it was a mark of how exciting these pants are when a girl i've never met yells from a across the room, "your pants! ahh!" 
i took it as a compliment.
xo lauren


Miss Kenzie said...

forever 21 is UH-MAZING!! its so sad you dont have one close by!
those pants are fabulous!good choice:)


Natasha Louise said...

You are toooo cute!! :)

Bekah said...

I adore your shoes!!!!!!!!!So perfect! I'm extremely jealous that you can pull off orange pants.. I'm not near daring enough to wear them. Wish I was..

Kayleigh S said...

I think they just put one into the Idaho Falls mall!

Nicole said...

So THIS is what my giftcard got you?? Oh man, should have known it'd be something crazy.

bonbon said...

I got to say, I am LOVING the orange! I have bright red pants that I got for Christmas and I sport them any time I can. So much fun!

Love your blog, just found it today! Are you going to the BYU Blogger meet up?


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