Tuesday, February 07, 2012

lovebook XVII

1. Kristen Bell is oh, so cute. and i guess she really likes sloths?
2. Schmidt's Online Dating Profile. "This is me...warts and all".  The fact that Natasha Bedingfeild is the music..... it KILLS me!
3. Sophia Grace & Rosie are two little princesses who can sing Super Bass like, insanely good. Ellen gives them a shopping spree to Toys R Us and well, those chickies get a little excited {smile)
4. Who knew you could give an icky old glider a makeover?
5. Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky's Tips for Thrifting are the bomb. Her's are the most insightful i've come across.
6. i am swiftly becoming obsessed with Kate Spade's new Florence collection. The woman can do no wrong.
7. i am absolutely going to make these Red Velvet brownies for Travis on Valentine's Day. But maybe I won't tell him beforehand. That way, if i scarf them all down before he comes home it won't be so bad.
8. Social Media : Explained
9. one day i will have a daughter. you better believe i will be making her this adorable dollhouse.
10. i can't put into words how much her style rocks. it just.... rocks. 
xo lauren


Miss Kenzie said...

haha that social media thing is amazing! and kate spade? oh.my.gosh. i'm obsessed!
and I had no idea that red velvet brownies existed? OH MY! are they even allowed to do that?! awesomeness!

Kristie Colón said...

Okay, that online dating profile?? Hilarious? Yes.

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