Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Senior Year

First day of school Senior Year. Would you just LOOK at how tan I was??
That time we stayed up till 3am making Transformers costumes for choir & being Bad Botz.
That time Jet & I worked at Hot Dog on a Stick!
When Temple Lights was an absolute, every Sunday MUST.
That time we took a day trip to Payson & went hiking.
That time we went to Edgefest & ROCKED OUT!
That time we painted pottery & shtuff!
That time I jumped out of a plane for my birthday.
That time Andrew & I laughed & giggled a lot on a bike.
That time we graduated & said good-bye to all of our silly, carefree highschool times.
Oh senior year, you were good to me.
Looking back on these photos.... I wore short shorts  A LOT. Hmm. No wonder I had a hard time adjusting to my G's when I first got married!
Basically what I'm saying is,
senior year was bomb, and i think i'll teach my daughters to wear longer shorts.
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xo lauren


memory said...

i'm a senior this year and i only hope i can look back and say it was as good as yours. (is that Candace from Lovely Little Rants i see??)


Miss Kenzie said...

i don't think all the tans i have ever gotten in my life add up to your tan in that pic! i am so
it looks like you had an amazing senior year!!


karajean said...

ha! I had major trouble adjusting my wardrobe after I got married, too. I think some of my shorts were even shorter than yours!

A FANCY DAY said...

Haha I'm loving all these photos! Thanks for sharing!

Autumn said...

I didn't have to get rid of any clothing when we got married and I was extremely modest, but over a year later I still struggle with them. They bisect my stomach at a weird spot and then make me muffin top...grr.

You're such a cute girl and it looks like you had so much fun :)

LindsayNicole said...

These pictures are awesome, youre hilarious. Great post miss!

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