Monday, May 28, 2012

busy birds


hey dudes. t & i have been busy birds once again! last week was a little brutal. we just became the managers of sammy's, which came at the perfect time and is such a blessing! but with that and both of us going to school full time, we began to feel ourselves getting stretched thin. i did not make dinner last week AT ALL, the house was a complete pig sty & most days i didn't get around to doing my hair/make-up for class at all. which is probably normal for most college students, but not for me. we're hoping to get the hang of things soon {smile}
in other baby-type news:

  • i am sixteen weeks! and i can no longer wear any of my pencil skirts without feeling like i'm going to burst. 
  • one more month & we'll find out baby whiting's gender! t & i both think it's a girl. 
  • my skin is dry, all over. is that a pregnancy issue? what do you mamas do to fix it?
  • i think it might be the fact that we created a small person together, or just the lack of PMS each month, but i honestly think that right now our marriage is better than it ever has been. i admire everything about that man of mine & am so grateful to have him in my life. he is so good at knowing just how to keep me laughing!
xo lauren


Miss Kenzie said...

aw you two are just perfect! your schedule sounds pretty crazy...i hope you have some time to breathe soon!


Kindra said...

just think 16 more weeks and your life will be a little less hectic! It'll all be worth it in the end! Your belly is getting to be soo cute. My skin got crazy dry this pregnancy. It also made my legs and arms super itchy. I talked to my doctor about it and he suggested lotions like eucerin, lubriderm, aveno etc pretty much non-yummy smelling hypoallergenic lotions. It helped a little. Congrats on the promotion at work! Glad to hear you and Travis are so happy. There's something about making a baby together that brings you closer to your lover bird. I love it.

Elisabeth said...

okay as in managers of the "most delicious sweet potato fries in the whole world" sammys? please say yes :)

and good luck - being stretched thin is tight but at least you have each other - and that is so so exciting about finding out the babies gender!


Nicole said...

Hopefully you dont get strecth marks, If i were you go to walmart and get some cocoa butter. I got the cheapest stuff, I think its helen something or another. Anyways it is amazing, I also learned you can use it as a facial moisturizer and let me tell you I have not had a zit on my face at all, and I have no stretch marks. It is oily for the first tenish minutes so let it sit a bit but it is amazing and your belly will feel amazing :)(and no dry skin in sight)

Rori said...

one word: lotion! :-) I love the Body Shop almond oil hand rescue lotion, you can use it on your belly, too, a little bit goes a long for stretch marks, scientifically it's been disproved that lotion will prevent them, it seems to be more a genetics factor, but the lotion definitely makes it less itchy and uncomfortable...

as for a lack of PMS, isn't it great?? just watch out for the pheremones, though guys don't really want to admit/talk about their influence LOL

Susan Struck said...

It is lovely to read someone's loving words about the person to whom they are married.

Natasha Louise said...

Oh man, I have missed so much, you are the cutest patootiest pregnant lady!! Congrats you you both!! :)

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) said...

eeep! that is so exciting! are you hoping for a boy or a girl? :)

daydream frenzy

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