Thursday, May 17, 2012

fourteen weeks


guess who just edited her first ever photo in photoshop?? this girl! there were quite a few "ughhh what the why?" moments which were followed by "babe, i need pizza. now." moments but overall the experience was a good one. i can't wait to learn even more!
in pregnancy news this week:

  • travis swears he can hear/feel baby's heartbeat. from what i've read, we shouldn't be able to do that till the end of the second trimester. but he swears none the less. makes me a little jealous, i have a hard time distinguishing what's mine and what might be baby's. 
  • while working the register at sammy's the other day, i started feeling light headed & almost passed out. i've never actually fainted before, and am kind of looking forward to it. {i'm all for life experiences, you know?} but i'm glad it didn't happen right then & there... can you imagine?
    "Hi what can i get for--" BONK. 
  • t & i have started a new nightly tradition! After our family prayer, we fall asleep with trav's hand on my tummy. eventually we roll away from each other and snore the night away, but at least for a little while the three of us are a happy little family.
xo lauren


A FANCY DAY said...

You are the cutest pregnant lady I hope I look this good! Hooray for Photoshop, but I know how you feel it can be so darn confusing.

Laura said...

Too cute! And so glad you didn't faint!

Candace Stevenson said...

k I love you and your pregnant self :) please teach me how you did the floral text. I NEED TO KNOW. smartie

bridget anne said...

your blog is SO cute! oh my goodness. i honestly don't know how i've never come across it. love the first photo and GREAT job with photoshop : ) i understand the, "honey! pizza! now!" sentiment ; ) it's a learning curve, but it's oh so worth it. you've got great style. i love everything about this blog & i'm following along NOW! xo.

Chynna said...

Love your blog! Love the design and your posts:) super cute!

Clare said...

I love this photo and your fun editing! Well done :) Congrats on 14 weeks, how exciting!

*Emmy* said...

Oh my goodness. You are so cute. :) I love your shoes!!

Brookie said...

You are lovely, Lauren. Look at that cute little growing belly:) We love and miss you guys.

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