Tuesday, May 15, 2012

lovebook XXI

1. i'm a little nervous about breastfeeding, for when the time comes. mostly just because you can't practice at all beforehand! how lame is that? but these boppy things are supposed to be a big help, and making them this cute couldn't hurt.
2. Design your own beach cruiser! it's way too expensive for me, but hey i had fun clicking around.
3. Perhaps the best exit from a reality show.... ever.
4. i still love this dance from an old season of SYTYCD, hot stuff.
5. i just got photoshop {finally} to use for school, and i spent basically all of last weekend watching tutorials of how to do everything. pugly pixel has some wonderful tutorials that i recommend!
6. t & i had a little picnic for dinner last night! turkey stuffed peppers were on the menu & it was delightful! i was suprised at how filling they were, we definitely have leftovers for lunch today!
7. a list of things to do in the last weeks of pregnancy, i love that these things do not include "make personalized onesies" or "coordinate crib bedding". it will be good to have a reminder of what's important!
8. My girl Calee Reed just put out a CD with Deseret Book! Watch the music video & behold her glory!
9. i want this for my kitchen table. anybody feeling charitable today?
10. i have been scouring this baby name website for forever it seems, with no decision yet. we have plenty of  time, but just for fun, what are your current favorite baby names?

xo lauren

1 comment:

A FANCY DAY said...

Designing your own beach cruiser sounds like a really great waste of time I will have to do that soon. haha.

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