Monday, May 14, 2012

my first mothers day

my first mother's day was an absolute treat. i worked on a gift for my mom {it isn't finished yet... i am horrible with deadlines} and we were able to Skype trav's younger missionary brother from Uraguay! Ay ay!
Travis surprised me Sunday morning with a sterling silver charm bracelet. It's a gift I've wanted for a very long time. my plan is to have a charm with trav's and each of our children's names engraved onto them. i can't wait to wear it every day from now till forever!
my second mother's day present came from my mom, {how backwards is that?} the package came Saturday morning and i could NOT wait to open it. I mauled that sucker open & what did i find? a petunia pickle bottom diaper bag. a petunia pickle bottom bag! can you believe it?
the bag she found is an older one {so i can't link to it} and it is just perfect for me in every single way. she found it at a going out of business sale, my mama knows how to shop! i just keep looking at it, it is hands down the most quality bag i've ever owned.

for my third and most favorite present, i swear i felt baby move yesterday. well, i can't be too sure... but i sure think so! i pictured baby yelling, "LOVE YOU MOM!" while doing that little wiggle dance he or she does so well. it makes me look forward to November 11 so much more.

xo lauren

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Elisabeth said...

1. you need to post pictures of this bag
2. congratulations on your first official mothers day - i can only imagine what it must be like, but i'm sure its beautiful and wonderful :)
3. love the tradition of the charm bracelet!

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