Wednesday, May 02, 2012

today i am twelve weeks

{the photo above is me at 11 weeks}

well, twelve and a half weeks.
& i still can't believe a small body is growing inside of me {smile}
today i am wearing trav's shirt,
because baggy men's clothing is starting to feel like a good idea... all the time.
yesterday we heard the baby's heartbeat. 160 bpm. already, the kid is wired!
last night, i had another weird pregnancy dream about a pink baby dragon that only ate sugar
{but the chinese kept feeding him bean & cheese quesadillas.}
tomorrow, i will watch all of those superhero movies with friends and then see the Avengers at midnight. i'm pretty positive i will fall asleep, because i am 100% exhausted 100% of the time.

i haven't gotten that world famous morning sickness over here yet, {please don't hate me} i am just very, very tired all of the time. it looks like things will get better in the second trimester though. i'm looking forward to not falling asleep in things like devotional & sacrament meeting anymore.
already, this little babe is teaching me patience. travis & i are the most inpatient people on earth {one of us a little more than the other...} and the idea of waiting another six months is just killing us! we want to meet this little spirit already. but, good things come to those who wait; a baby definitely being one of those good things.

xo lauren


Nicole said...

Your are so cute :) Because of your small stature (amazing things come in small packages) you will have a cute, big belly! Im happy for you two, it is amazing being pregnant :) You will be a good momma!

Laura Nelson said...

so cute! you are so adorable! :)

Rachel said...

You have such a cute baby bump! Congrats! :)

Emily said...

You are so cute :) I'm sure it's so exciting for the both you!


{Just} Sara said...

this is adorable! and it makes me smile like none other! love it:) congrats!

A FANCY DAY said...

You look great, and I'm super inpatient as well I hating waiting for things. So my pregnancy will probably be very hard for me haha.

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

what a cute little mama!

Senica said...

You are adorable Lauren! So happy for you two! :)

Dani.Vancouver said...

Hi Lauren,

I love reading your blog. Your picture-perfect-life- photos are awesome. :) Congratulations to your pregnancy.

♥ from Vancouver,


bina said...

Aweee you got the glow..

Dearest Lou said...

Oh my goodness I'm so glad I just found your blog. You have the cutest baby bump ever! I absolutely love reading about girls pregnancies! That's so exciting that you're due in November!


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