Wednesday, September 26, 2012

reason # 5074 why i love my husband

so, i'm an interior design major right? so naturally i would rather be shopping for home decor than clothing 100% of the time. i actually stay awake nights thinking of how i'd like to do up our home. my doodles consist of floor plans and furniture layouts. most of my pinterest boards are dedicated to various rooms of the house.
what with the interior design blood in me, and this nesting kick i've been on... it's getting a bit intense.
of course, most of this dreaming is just dreaming. i would feel guilty spending money towards furniture and things, we are students with a baby on the way after all! and a girl can only DIY so many things. 
i am perfectly content with waiting for all of my design dreams to come true, it will be much more fun to see it all come together over the years. this is where my interior fund comes in. i have been saving up extra cash here & there for a while, with the intent to spend it on the few items i plan to splurge on for our place. needless to say, it was taking a long time coming.
today, travis surprised me by making a substantial donation to my interior fund. he tucked a large wad of cash into my purse and let me run around frantic for a few minutes while i thought through all of the people this cash could possibly belong to, because it certainly couldn't be mine.
he laughed & gave me a smile to let me know that it was a gift from him, and it could not have been more thoughtful. i am so grateful for that man of mine!


Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

thats so fun :) i cant wait to see what you spend it on!

SarahJane Miller said...

That is so adorable! Could your husband talk to mine?? haha really that is so cute! i am excited to see what you do!

Rachel said...

Thats such a cute thing to do!! Congrats on having a great husband! :)

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