Friday, October 05, 2012

my best friend's wedding

wedding wedding wedding wedding

well guys, SHE'S MARRIED!
 my girl is a sadie married lady now & i just know she'll be good at it!
the sealing was beautiful. after these two were sealed for time & all eternity, the guests were able to file past them on the way out the door to offer congratulations & give hugs. i waited my turn as patiently as i could, but i COULD NOT wait to tell her how very proud i am of her for choosing a temple marriage and better yet, choosing a man who could take her to the temple. even though marriage is definitely no walk in the park {though it can, in fact, include a few lovely walks in the park!} i know that this is what will truly bring them happiness. Heavenly Father will continue to bless their love to grow! i had too many things i wanted to tell her in that moment, but when my turn came for the congratulations, i couldn't hold in the tears. and then, she couldn't hold in the tears. and suddenly we were this tragically silly blonde duo--hugging & sobbing & smiling. unable to talk and holding up the line. me with a belly & her in white. the best of friends! it was a moment to remember.
 i am so happy for my girl, and i am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who prepared a way for us to be sealed in families for eternity.

xo lauren


Jet Bozeman said...

:) I love you so much! Thanks for sharing that day with me and always being such a wonderful best friend! Beautiful post, may have even got me teary eyed.

Jet Bozeman said...

PS love the funny girl reference
PPS I want those pictures!! They are awesome :)

Natasha Louise said...

So lovely! I'm so happy for eternal marriage and family and so happy for you bestie! You're both beautiful!

Christi Lynn said...

so pretty! what a happy celebration.

Brookie said...


Catherine said...

So exciting. You two look like you could be sisters!!

Cute blog!

Catherine (your newest follower)

Recently Roached said...

I love weddings, especially when the B&G mean so much to you! :) You both look so great!

Your blog is adorable. I'm off to creep :)

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