Thursday, February 07, 2013

bumbo baby


i work out in the mornings. p90x baby! {i hate it, but i love it}
while i work out mills usually lays in her swing like a mini bump-in-the-log but lately she's been twisting & turning all over that thing, trying to see if she can get out of it. 
last week daddy brought home a bumbo. 
i was one happy mama.
& mills was one happy baby!
now she has full viewing capabilities to watch mommy sweat like a look like a fox! 
{eventually...} woo!
xo lauren


A+J said...

I've been trying to workout too...killa! But cutest baby around.

lex said...

Good for you girl! P90x is a killer!!! :-)

Becca said...

Where did you get her headband??

Kari and Will said...

HAHA! your metaphors rock. good for you, P90x is harddddd!

katie ridings said...

what a sweetie!! sitting like a big girl!!

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