Friday, February 08, 2013

Small & new

I'm writing this on a Saturday
I love Saturdays the most
It's the only day I get to have Travis to myself all day long.

I love our family. We are so small and new but we have so much fun together. Today we went grocery shopping and made cinnamon roll shakes at Sammy's. it was nothing really, but so much fun.

Last night I put  Millie to bed before Travis came home from work. The lights were low and snow was piled up to our knees outside. Just little Millie & her little mama. I say it all the time, that baby means so much to me. I hope I can teach her that she is important, that she has a divine nature, and that she can make a difference in the world. By the time I laid her in her bassinet she was sound asleep and I had fat, juicy tears rolling down my cheeks. She giggled for the first time today. Tummy raspberries & mommy kisses really get her going! I love watching her change & grow.

Millie & daddy have learned a new trick!
Xo lauren


lex said...

So so cute. You three are adorable.

I am convinced the Ellie and Millie would be the best of friends! (And so would we!) Next time you're in Utah we shall have a playdate!

A+J said...

This post is so sweet. I can tell you really love being a mommy...and that you are a good one. xoxo-A

Kari and Will said...

Love that picture! There's nothing like a man and a baby... I melt when I see Will with our nieces and nephews.

Love ya!

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