Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vday 2013

vday vday vday  vday vday vday

valentines day is the best isn't it? so much love. so much PINK.
our valentines began with a very pink breakfast & a whole lot of dancing to Frank Sinatra in the kitchen. gosh i love our family. think i say that enough? the rest of the day was like a giant box of surprises specially wrapped just for me. trav lined up a group of people to corner me at Sammy's and sing As Long as You Love Me {i've never really been a Beiber fan... until now!} so i was thrilled & a totally happy chick. we went out to lunch and a few hours later were driving down main street. trav stopped the car in the middle of traffic & told me to get out & go in to Form Salon. i was like "whaaaa?" we have friends there, so it wasn't totally random... and when i walked in i was told i was getting an hour massage! SUCH a happy camper!
i love that heart head. so much. the rest of the night was spent at the dollar movie with some pretzel m&m's & my favorite guy.

i hope your V Day was a thing of total joy.
& full of pink!
xo lauren


A+J said...

I love how simple, yet amazing your Valentines day was. It's the small things.


Ps-Stop on by millerlovenotes.blogspot.com

Kari & Will said...

Hi cute girl! I love the Love Day decor!
You look so adorable in that top pic!
Love ya,

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