Monday, April 22, 2013

blog fog

you know when you've been gone from the blogosphere for a while & when you come back you just don't know where to start?
that's where i'm at right now. total blog fog.


we are living with trav's parents for the summer while trying to find ourselves a starter home.
looking for houses is like my biggest dream, people. i am straight up dying over here.

trav's parents have tv. we've never had tv in our entire married lives. i must admit i don't find much use for it... except to watch Live with Kelly & Michael. that show is like bam. kelly more so than michael but you can dig it.

we are doing insanity. let's hope we stick to it {because if you've read Peace Love Lauren for any length of time you'll know i have a HUGE problem with sticking to things i start here on the bloggity-blog. which is why...i won't be posting about it. till we're done. let's just forget i mentioned it shall we??}

and we've gone paleo.
because i've seen it floating around on pinterest & then it was on Dr. Oz {TV you've done it again!!} and it sounds intriguing. More like a challenge than a diet, and i HATE diets. ew gross bleh. but i am always up for a challenge.

also, mills is teething. if you have any teething tips, send 'em my way. because THE SCREAMING IN PAIN IS RIPPING MY HEART IN TWO!!!

xo lauren


lex said...

yay for insanity! boo for teething babes! we have teething going on over here too, it's the worst!

TheDayleigh said...

Teething tips - two key things for my little guy who got 6 in the past 3 months and we were so consistent (by accident) with the following that we didn't even notice his first two coming in!

For the day to day:(1) my little guy LOVED chewing on this. It seemed softer and easier to handle, so he would sit for hours and massage his gums with this: He had this since he was born and I think this is why we never noticed that he was teething.(2) Take a baby washcloth. Tie it in a knot and run it under cold water. Ring it out a bit and let her chew on it. That helped him a ton. He would sit in his seat and suck on it for an hour. Just make sure to put a bib on her so she doesn't soak herself! :) good luck!

Irene said...

good to know you're doing lots of things and enjoying TV! haha! I don't like that much but we have one at home so I always watch crap shows ;)
good luck with teething! poor mills!

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