Thursday, April 25, 2013

cowgirl millie

in march, we went outside for a warm day with nana & had a little photoshoot!mills
i have been told time & time again that mills looks like a cabbage patch kid.
but i guess she can also be a sour patch kid.
first she's sour.
then she's sweet!

^^ PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. this is a millie face. a hundred times a day i will sing, dance or wiggle for her & it's a 50/50 chance if i get a giggle back or a baby eyebrow raise. ^^
mills mills


Erin said...

I love her baby side eyes! So cute.

Becca said...

Loving the last photo adorableeee

katie ridings said...

omygawsh!! that face!! how cute is that!!

Stefani Leavitt said...

That last picture is just darling. I used to get Gerber baby all the time for my little girl!

Kathy said...

Oh her expressions crack me up! Such a serious (and seriously cute!) face!

caris-l said...

She's just absolutely beautiful! I guess some bubs just aren't big smilers, but that doesn't make her any less adorable! :)

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