Monday, April 29, 2013

goodbye rexburg

moving day in rexburg looked a little like this:

moving moving

i love moving day. there's an excitement in the air & usually my head is brimming with ideas for the interior design of our new place. plus, travis does everything when we move. legit. he does everything!
he's a master packer so he's the one that packs up the truck & car. my job is to pick up the chinese food & play with millie-- two things i am very good at!

ps don't you love how blown-out these photos are? i'm still getting used to my new Canon.
pps if you are going to get a fancy-shmance camera, get a Canon. i am LOVING mine like whoa.

xo lauren


Camille said...

Even though I hate packing, I love moving! It is always an exciting adventure. Your blog is super cute! I love reading your updates.

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

love her smile!

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