Tuesday, April 30, 2013

flibbity floo

peacelovelauren peacelovelauren

i love blogging.
it's different from writing... writing implies complete thoughts & brainstorming, and formality.
i feel like blogging is more friendly, fluid, fragmented, flibbity-floo.

does that make sense?

i love blogging, because blogging can be whatever you want it to be.

i take long pauses from blogging sometimes. most recently it was because i'd been so wrapped up in my little mills {and can you blame me?? LOOK at her up there! she rocks!} and i didn't know how to find time for both. even when i wasn't blogging i was still reading my old blog posts... so many memories are posted here!
i am just now finding balance again. it helps that mills now goes to bed at seven thirty every night. i love a girl you can count on! mommy bloggers always say that they get their work done after their littles go to bed. i used to laugh at the joke... i never knew they were serious! nap time/bed time really is the only time to get things done--because how can you sit at a computer when your favorite little chub is needing quality mommy time? you just can't! baby beats blogging--everytime.

there are many things that i love in this life.
i love donuts with filling & things that crunch, the dollar section at target & springtime weather but there are only a few things i love most. 

i love being a wife & mother. i love knowing i am a child of God. i love interior design. i love blogging.

i know who i am now more than ever & i have my Heavenly Father and my mills to thank for that.
i am grateful, always grateful.
xo lauren


Kimberly Bonham said...

these pictures are too cute! I love your blog!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness! Look at her chub! I love baby chub so much!

I feel like I'm just starting to be able to get back into the swing of *me* time too. Thankfully my lil boy goes down at 7:30 too. (:

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Very cute baby...

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