Thursday, May 02, 2013



this is my guy.
my hubsy-wubs.

i love him. he is so passionate, about so many things. one at a time, but one right after the other.
he loves fly fishing. if he could ask for anything, from anywhere,
it found be from sportsman's warehouse & it would be about fishing.
he has big muscles & he bugs me. and i bug him. we bug each other.
there are so many things about a husband.
he's the only person that can make a wife so happy, and so mad at the same time.
we're coming up on three years this august.
three. years.
that's a long time.
where did all of that time go?
we have seen so much together.
we still have so much to see together.

today, after mills went to bed it was still light outside. we fed the horses some carrots & he fireman carried me to the trampoline, where i showed him my moves. {i have no moves. i jumped around making strange noises & told him i was a walrus. those are my moves.}
then, we came inside and he flipped on the tv & i got to blogging.
husband & wife stuff, you know?

xo lauren


wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

cute! Time does go by so fast. It'll be two years for us in august! :)

Stefani said...

Husband's are definitely talented at bringing out the best and the worst in their wives. Wouldn't trade it, though. :-)

Cute post! We'll be celebrating 3 years in July. It really does fly by, especially with a little one.

Geri Egbert said...

ha! Sounds like your trampoline moves kick butt. :) Happy 3 years!!


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