Tuesday, May 21, 2013

millie & the gentleman

last week, i was sitting in sunday school with millie on my lap. she was flittering her hands around the way that she does and quietly ba-ba-ba-ing to everthing around her. trav got up to use the restroom & so i sat her in his empty chair while he was gone. an older gentleman was in the chair next to us, and when he caught sight of millie he gave a little smile as most people do when they find themselves in the vicinity of a baby. 
millie smiled back. then she reached her chubby fingers onto his arm & pulled herself up very close. her eyes were wide & full of wonder as she discovered his face. searching his true nature. and then again--a smile. a big, happy, two-toothed smile. 
i watched him melt into a big puddle before my eyes. 
he picked her up and held her for the rest of the lesson, the two of them happy as can be. 
it was a tender moment for a mother to witness.

everyday i am amazed by the sweet, tender spirit travis & i have been blessed with. 
we love our silly millie mae!
xo lauren 


Rebecca Bahr said...

Oh my goodness! Look at her cute rolls!!!

Steph said...

I can understand this old man- your girl is soo cute! I love her little arms :)

love, www.shearlyperfect.blogspot.com

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