Saturday, June 01, 2013

yard sale-ing

^^everything is cooler in verb form.^^
 growing up, my family attended the occaisional yard sale & had a fabulous time. we stopped when we happened to drive past one in our neighborhood & loved paying the low low prices. but we were more of thrift store people over all.

then i married into the whiting clan.
to the whitings, yard sale-ing is a sport.
a cut-throat, in-it-to-win-it, die hard sport.
it involves planning, preparation and determination.

mela is my mother-in-law. she is the yard sale-ing queen.

all winter long she saves up her quarters & dimes in a big old jar & on a saturday in May she overturns it and counts out a portion of it for the day. because may is the start of yard sale-ing season.

mela prints out the addresses of all the yard sales in the area then maps out the order in which to attack.
like any sport, if you don't get out of bed early then you don't win.

last saturday was my first experience with the whitings. in the past, i have always been too timid to be very good at negotiating for the prices i want. but not anymore! now i can get it DUN. {which really means "done" but said in a more gangsta-gangsta way}

here is my loot from my first saturday with the whitings. yardsale

i made out like a bandit RIGHT!?
millie has so many cool things now & that quilt makes me want to DIE i love it so.
the table lamp was probably my favorite find, it was a little wobbly and the shade was coming apart but with some hot glue & trav's handyman abilities it is like new!
yard sale-ing with the whitings is bomb.

i knew one day i would like sports!
xo lauren


Bekah said...

As if that quilt was 70 cents!! Holy crap!!! Super cute!!

Brooklyn McKenna said...

Such a cute quilt and stroller! Get it girl! haha. I used to garage sale shop with my dad. Now i go to college and sleep til 11 on Saturday's ;) Happy weekend!

Adrienne Gibbs said...

Teach me master! haha SERIOUSLY, GREAT JOB!

schammer said...

haha I love this!! someday i'll get into yard sale-ing, because seriously you found steals!

Danielle Smiley said...

Your baby got some awesome stuff! I can't wait to have kids, I know I'll be able to find them some great deals at garage sales! That quilt is some gorgeous :)

<3 Danielle

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

you scored big!

lex said...

holy moly, look at your loot! nice job!! and that quilt, I love!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Wozers!! That quilt is killer!!

Mariah Michelle said...

Aww please post again!

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