Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Millie Mae: 1 Year Photoshoot

i know, i know. lauren is blogging!? is the world ENDING!?
maybe. but, hopefully not. {smile}

lots has happened with the whitings since my last post. {way back in june? i should HOPE so!} we have moved into an 85 year old farm house, travis started school again, i've began doing some freelance interior design work for part time, we got a dog, millie grew from a baby into a beautiful, bright & cheery toddler right before our eyes & we learned we are expecting our second Baby Whiting in July!!!

we are more blessed than we could ever have imagined ourselves to be.

now how about a few photos of millie, eh?
i took these back in November on her birthday. it was too cold to shoot outside so i finally tidied up her nursery {because--let's be honest--when is a nursery ever completely tidy?} and mama snap snap snapped the day away.

^^those eyes!! she is her daddy's mini me^^
milliemae milliemae milliemae milliemae milliemae
^^ mmmmm. millie arm rolls. we eat those for lunch & dinner around here.^^

^^ this is how we announced to our family that we are pregnant with Baby #2. they are super thrilled! ^^

looking at these photos now {three months later} it is already amazing to me how much mills has grown & developed her little personality! she is so funny& sweet & bright...
i could go on forever.
good thing i have a blog where i am able to do EXACTLY THAT!!!

xo lauren


Kaity said...

Yay! Glad to see you back- I always loved your blog and the yellow farmhouse theme is too cute :)

Lindsay Himmer said...

I'm glad to see you posting again! Millie is adorable! Seeing those cute pictures makes me wish we lived around the corner from you again! Congrats on number 2!

Kari+Will said...

These photos are too cute! I'm so happy to see you blogging again. :)

Kari+Will said...

These pictures are too cute! I'm so happy to see you blogging again! :)

Irene said...

long time! so glad for all the good changes in your life and congrats on that baby! come back to post about the house, I'd love to see what you've done.

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