Monday, November 15, 2010

twins have to separate sometime

and boise to indonesia... is a whole lot of separation.
as of last wednesday, my twin brother is an "elder"
& i am oh so proud.

my sister, trav & i took him to a brazilian grill before leaving his presh face at the mtc
sorry about the glop on his face: the kid always was a messy eater-- to the dismay of our mother.
and friends. and civilized people in general.
luckily, Indonesian culture eats mainly with their fingers.
i know.The Lord basically knows Andrew, perfectly. {smile} 

then the big drop-off came, and went.
as we were about to pull into the mtc i said, "not yet! let's go around the block a few times!"
trav replied, "it's either now, or fve minutes from now."
under my breath i whispered, " five minutes please?"
but andrew was quiet,
and we pulled in.

he walked away with such a smile on his face.
"he was ready," said trav.
though i'm not sure that I was.

i love my very own elder so very much. he is the brother that is always there, and always will be.
he will be strong these next two years, i have no doubt. he has become the man we both always knew he would be! & i love that right now he has the chance to grow even more.
see you in two years, brovs.
peace & love


jLar. said...

Awwww :( I await the day that I have to send the first of my three brothers off to the MTC. We're not twins, and he's only 17 so he's got two years left before he goes on his mission, but I'm already a little sad because I'll miss him so dang much!

Heyy, guess what! Your brother will be back by the time mine leaves!!! ...That's a scary thought. Ha!

bow-chicka said...

umm *tear* can i get an AMEN?

Julie said...

Sweet post. Thank you. (Visiting from your Mom's blog.)

Garden of Egan said...

Darling post Lauren. How awesome that you were there!
He's dang cute!

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