Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a little hey, little ho.

scarf: charolette russe | ruffled top: F21 | jacket: thrifted | jeans: gap | boots: thrifted

surprise! i'm getting a little more comfortable posing for the camera.
instead of grimacing at my husband, prompting me to say cheese...
i'm laughing. and being dorky. and not looking loony.
this is good for me.

also it helps to get modeling tips from the daybook.
visit her today, she might make you giggle.
she's doing the 30 for 30 remix as well, rock on remixers!

today i have nothing fabulous to share,
except that you are wonderful.
& thanks for visiting my little home in cyber space. {smile}
oh & don't forget about the PRC giveaway!

peace & love


Natasha said...

Silly poses are always great!
I love your scarf, blouse, jacket combo!

Bridget said...

this outfit is adorable.

Elizabeth Benfield said...

this outfit is my absolute favorite ... i think it has everything to do with those boots and the fact that its obvious you are feeling more comfortable in front of the camera!

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