Sunday, November 14, 2010

oh hey

scarf: thrifted | cardigan: F21 | dress: F21 | belt: thrifted | boots: ross

this weekend i vacayed in anthropologie
i know what you're thinking. umm.... that's a STORE, lauren. silly.
well, maybe to you. but to me it's like a summer home.
a home that my husband can only be dragged into & quite frankly, where all the candles smell weird.
BUT anthro is more than that. it is everything pretty to look at in one place.
so i have a secret.
i don't shop at anthropologie
wishes i could. but can't: teeny tiny pocket book.
no, i don't shop at anthro. i vacay there.
it's more fun & has more things to look at than Mt. Rushmore... and people vacay there!
umm... yes. it makes sense.
anyways, that was my declaration of love for the day.

{p.s. i just got a job at Pier 1 Imports. i likes home goods.}
peace & love

have you RSVP'd to my party yet?


Natasha said...

I love the bubbleness of your dress...and the scarf is a fantastic touch!
I don't think we have any anthropologies here, but if we did I think it's a place I'd love to "vacay" at as well! haha

geri e. said...

Love that you said you vacay at Anthro..... good way to put it. I like a good vacay at Anthro myself and I totally agree about the Mt. Rushmore thing.

Ashley said...

Oh boy I love Anthro. And your outfit.

Congrats on the job! You will have the cutest home in town!

New To The Neighborhood said...

Ok, now that you admitted it first I can come clean too. I don't shop at Anthro either. P.S. your boots are killer.

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