Monday, August 23, 2010

pikabo is a small cowboy town

like really.
on our roadtrip there we saw a bloated cow aside the road,
just chillin, all dead-like.

oh oh & we stopped by a fish hatchery! billions of fishies swimming left & right!
it's like that scene in Finding Nemo, when all the fishies are in a net
but better. cause this was real!
they were beautiful, shimmering colors of blue, purple & green
i would hang them all up on my wall
if that weren't so morbid.

the reason for our travels to pikabo was for Lacey & Tony's wedding.
a picture perfect outdoor wedding with AMAZEBALLS food.
basically, i went back for thirds.
& their DJ was uhh-mazing, he even had que-cards that said, "applause" & "louder" on them.
totally useful.
& then the music started, and trav & i danced the night away.
we jammed all night with his extended fam.
i like being married. {smile}

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