Sunday, August 22, 2010

t&l wedding: the cake

i'm not gonna lie-- i had a butt-kickin' cake.
it came to me in a dream,
& oh what a glorious dream it was.

i needed something adorable.
with all the cuteness of a cupcake
& all the tradition of a wedding cake.

i got it all.
& i looooooooved it!
wanna know my secret?

a dallop of daisy.
SCREAM! i loved my cake!
it even tasted good,
lemon & strawberry.

& mi mama found the cake topper at Joann's.
tre presh.


Cherie said...

Beautiful cake!!
It was so fun meeting you and Travis - I cannot believe you will be living a mile from me!!
E-mail me so I can give you my address and phone number (you were a tad busy the other night - wink!!).

TheReal.NateTucker said...

Oh Emm Gee!
I loved the cake at the G-Town Receptch. (Is it allowed to abbv reception?)
Anyway, I just found these cute, little, adorable, miniature cupcake/muffin trays at Fry's, and I am already planning on making delicious, miniature, Nate-sized, cupcakes and muffins to enjoy.
So, I totally need the recipe from your wonderful mamma for those cuppycakes and frosting.
(also, the small cupcakes are better, because you can eat 6 and not feel as bad)
So, I love you lots, and I always enjoy reading your blog. You best remember that you are the one who got me starting a blog, but now that you're gone, I have been such a slacker in my writing. Maybe I'll upload the pictures I took at the wedding and post them. who knows?
Hey Lauren, guess what; You're great!

Love you very much. <3

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