Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i'm a girl that likes to shop.

& shop & shop & shop.
like really! i own 37 pairs of shoes & it rocks.
thrifting is a thirst that cannot be QUENCHED!
& want to know the new super secret awesome thrifting-type shopping thing Trav discovered for me?
couponing. cha! coupons!
we clip coupons now & it's POWER RANGER!

here's our organizational hotness: all of our lovely coupon clippings
feel the savings.
my phone has stinky picture quality. srry!

see those frozen pizza boxes in the cart?
10 boxes for $0.83
yes, 83 cents.

srsly. i'd hop on in.
here's a few sites to help you get started,
 if you wanna be power rangers, too. {smile}

the shopping nanny
discount queens
the krazy coupon lady

they sprinkle with savings' bliss.
happy savings!


shannon said...

sweeet! Lauren you are seriously the best :]

what does RP 8/15 mean?

KayleighH said...

I'll have to use these!! :) love you miss

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