Monday, August 16, 2010

t&l wedding: the bouquet toss

i haven't posted anything about the wedding yet. lauren quadrant = LAME.
i've been slight-lay bus-say with marital bliss as of late... tee hee!

but no more! it's time to buckle down and stop making googly eyes at my new husband.
haaaaaa nah.
he's just a leeeettle too attractive, folks. anyway.

the dizzying magic that twinkles from a wedding cannot be captured in one massive post. so ima space them out, it'll be easier for me, & for you! it is not worth staring at a computer all your life to read my post; & becoming a screen child just isn't kosher. so let's nix the two & start the fun!

first of all,
i love all my single ladies.
just sayin!



"huh duhhhh?"
sorry, i had to. look at my face!
at least my hair is pretty.


my sister/MoH Colee is rearing for the pounce

ohhhhh & it's an attack for the prize! hungry little lioness' aren't they?

see that blondie, front & center?
ladies & gentlemen... my best friend.
get it girl.

the eagle has landed! the eagle has landed!

& the winner is...

my old highschool home girl Yamina Cole!
may the force be with you, dumpling.
& yes, as you can clearly see...
my dear Jet is a leeeeeetle jealous. ha!

as a side note,
 i've been in boise for five days
& i've already found two jobs?
chaaaaa buddy!
the Lord will provide! Trav & I have been oh so blessed thus far in our marriage, how grateful we are!
oh happy day


Kathryn Sabria said...

I love how mad and aid randomly show up in the pictures, front and ready. haha! :) You do look very pretty my lady!

Kathy said...

I'm so excited to hear all about it. You looked so beautiful!

That's great news about the jobs!

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