Saturday, August 14, 2010

we're still in honeymoon mode

but we're back in boise, and living at his parents house till our apartment comes through. 
& the best part of married life SO FAR?
waking up. rolling over. smiling.
because i get to cuddle with the hot hunk of man in the bed next to me.

so our camera's broken.
cause we suck at taking care of things, basically.
but i'll try to paint an image of my favorite part of our honeymoon for you.
Rated PG for scenes of peril and mortification.

It's 3 in the am. We're almost to Twin Falls and about ready to pee ourselves with exhaustion--We need sleep and we need it bad. Trav is getting quite droopy-eyed, I take over the wheel to help my honey get some snoozes. I drive for about five minutes before my rearview is flooded with flashing blue, red & white lights.
i'm getting pulled over.
please kill me.

so the baldy cop man walks over to the window and asks, "Who's been drinking in the car tonight?"
& we were like "Whaaaaaa??"
cause... we hadn't been drinking. we didn't smell very good... but we hadn't been drinking.
so baldy cop man asks me-the driver- to step out of the vehicle.
& i was like, "double WHAAAAA?"

so i step out into the shivering Idaho air & i call out to that po-po, "but... i'm not wearing pants!"
because i wasn't.
my swim bottoms & a tee shirt. no bra.
that's how i roll with my new hubby, yo!
i walk up to copper man- making sure i'm forming a straight line- and i calmly explain to him that it's against my religion to drink, and that i am very sorry that i was going 13 over the speed limit. many forlorn, pleading glances later i turn to get back into my car.
& awkward though the conversation was,
he let me go with just a warning!

trav says it was because i was all legs.
i say it was because we were still filled with magic from Disneyland, 
& God likes us.

moral of the story: drive with pants on.
we did take pictures, i'll post some when i get them!
have a non-alcoholic day!


Anonymous said...

O girl this just made my day!!

Cherie said...

I don't know Lauren - I kind of think he let you go because you DIDN'T have pants on :-D I might have to try that in the future!!

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