Saturday, October 23, 2010

last week after leaving albertons,

i made a wrong turn on my way home.
{there's so many dangflabbit one-way streets around here}
i got a little lost. but what i found was a cabillion (word? probably not!) times better.

i found fall.
say it with me. "oh oh pretttty!"

little arizona girls like me think we know what fall is, but we don't.
fall is when you eat too much candy & a month later, you eat too much everything else.
fall may also have included ditching the shorts for pants, but never the flip-flops. the flip-flops stayed.

but oh-ho-ho was i wrong: fall is beauty, everywhere.
oh. my. goodness. dare i say it, but i'm starting to fall in love with ye olde boise.
& yes, i did dress up to go grocery shopping. sue me. {giggles}

bee tea dubs, last night trav made us an exquistitely gourmet salmon dinner under candle-light.
it was fetching awesome!
sometimes it really cheezes me off that he's a better cook than i.
but not last night. holy hannahs.
i hope you have a fall-type day!


Kathy said...

I dress up to go grocery shopping too. (:

Boise looks beautiful! I'm loving all the fall colors around here right now too. Fall is my new favorite season. (For now, at least.)

Cherie said...

Today is rainy but yesterday truly was a Glorius fall day wasn't it!! The leaves everywhere are soooo pretty - Lovin' your pictures!!

P.S. We had an Arizona family move into our ward eons ago and the girls wore flip flops even in the snow - it cracked us up!!

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