Tuesday, October 12, 2010

we just got a letter

trav & i have been in the brick house for a little while now
though for some reason, our mail usually gets lost on its way to our little apartment
but no more.
t & i got our first letter today!
our mail miracle came in the form of a wedding announcement from a couple of hotties
Amy & Roman
 mmm they're delightful.

& it's presh she used a photo of them as the envelope seal.
tre presh.
yes i know, the picture quality stinks. it's hurting me inside, too.

the adoable little sucker is magneted right to our fridge
spreading love & kissy feelings all over my kitchen.

today was grand!
though i have a headache.
today i learned how to make myself a blog button!
& that pepper jack grilled cheese is spic-ay good. probably better than that "grilled cheezus" off Glee. cha.
have a nice day!

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