Thursday, November 11, 2010

because any girl likes a good book

top: blossom boutique | pants: banana republic | shoes: payless | headband : gifted from a little miss

oh hey! welcome to the gun show.
brought to you by the little mrs who can't lift more than a bin of her own shoes... me.
oh yes, these are my guns.
& they are pointed at the Capitol.
{yes, that was my super lame segue to the Hunger Games. insert super lame laugh-track here}

i'm currently on the final book of the Hunger Games right now, & i'm like whoa.
it's gettin crazy heated up in there!
trav has now joined in on the fun, he's reading the 2nd installment as we speak. {uh. type.}

it's actually pretty cute:
nowadays, instead of going on dates or kissing like a married couple should,
we stay up too late and read on the couch. side by side.
and then he asks what happened in my book & i don't tell him
& we go to bed.
adorable aren't we?
i just love it!

peace & love


Bethanie said...

dear lauren,
you and your hubby are too cute!
*your faithful blog stalker*

Ashley Fastle said...

the hunger games is the best thing in my life-- well besides the gospel and forever 21.

Mrs. J said...

First let me say, I love your blog set-up! Also this outfit is very cute including the flowers in your hair! :) Great remix!

Kate said...

I liked your Hunger Games reference. ;) But I kind of like anything Hunger Games. You should definitely tell me your thoughts when you finish the amazingness that is Mockingjay! Go get the Capitol, girl.

P.S.: Cute outfit!

Morgan Jordan said...

You're super cute!

Following you. :)

ClosetConfections said...

you guys do sound adorable, and this outfit is very cute. i'm especially loving the blouse and pink shoes.


Tiffany said...

I absolutely love those pants!! I have 2 strikes against me...I'm 5'1 and I have thick thighs and no matter how much I work out, I can't get rid of them. So, I've accepted them. I'll keep searching for the perfect khakis but it looks like you've found some great ones! Love the whole outfit!!

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