Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i found a new paradise

well, kinda
to me it is the anthropologie of stationary stores.
i drive past it's cuteness everyday & have always wished to see what wonder may be inside.
today was my day to look!
& i was like whoa.

my little wonder was paisely roberts
& boy howdy was it cute!

they sell everything from gift paper to invitations to hand-crafted journals to embellishments.
my adorable sensors were going haywire!
basically, trav knows where to go for my christmas presents.

the entire shop had a pleasant, warm feeling to it.
& it smelled good.
i want my little home to feel like this way when i grow up.
ohhh i can't wait!


1 comment:

Kaity Teer said...

Such a great discovery!!

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