Wednesday, November 10, 2010

officially a mrs.

today t & i took a trip to the dmv.
i needed a new liscence, and a new photo to boot.
here's what i wore:
shirt: junky trunk botique | vest: F21 | pants: consignment | boots: Charolette Russe | bag: haven't the foggiest.

so, i got me a brand new idaho driver's liscence
with my brand new married lady name!
here's what trav thought about this:

teehee. have a super crazy awesome day.
peace & love


Kathy said...

you are always so cute! I think I have the same boots!

Ashley said...

Your blog is precious! Love the outfit!! -from a fellow remixer & your newest follower :)

Nicole said...

bag: target, taken from nicole

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