Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i don't have a title. sorry!

hippie band: madiSON's | sweater: consignment | ruffled top: F21 | cuff jeans: consignment | uggs: from my oma

today i had the day off from work! hurray!
hahaha! haha... ha.
no... i didn't. but i did work at 5 in the am.
i actually prefer it this way, i love our regulars.
 & apparently it snowed & snowed & snowed last night while we were sleeping,
because i was the very first to make footprints in the snow. {lifts her chin & smiles proudly}
boom baby!
i felt like a real winner.

that's all, folks.
did you feel like a real winner today?
peace & love


Brooke said...

yay for being the first footprints in the snow!! I love your pink sweater :D

TheReal.NateTucker said...

I felt like a real winner today! I was scheduled to be a concierge today, which I had never done before. Basically, I check in all the people that have Genius appointments, as well as do any quick ring-outs and answer any quick questions people have, get people items that they had previously dropped off by radio-ing to the Genius Room to tell them that so-and-so is here to pick up their (insert apple product here), and also lining up people with specialists when they are interested in learning more about an item, or interested in purchasing one.
basically, after hours of doing that, including postponing my lunch break for 2 hours when my team leader asked me, because we didn't have enough people scheduled for concierge (only one other than me... it usually takes 2, lol), I did amazing. At the end of the night, she came up to me and said I did a really good job, she never had anyone waiting who hadn't been checked in, and that I did a great job. I then told her it was my first time. She was impressed. (And this was right after being impressed for setting up a family with an iPad 32GB to use at their house... it was impressive because they didn't speak English.)
So, I feel like a winner because I rocked my job, and my team leader noticed! Cuz what's better than rocking at your job? Rocking and being recognized!
lol, this is a really long comment, you don't have to approve it for post, but if you don't people won't see the last post which includes this...

Lauren Pulsipher/Whiting! you make me smile! And I know pink makes you smile! That is why I am buying you something pink for Christmas!

Love you! :)

Tiffany said...

This is such a pretty pink!! And I love that you have an oma... :-D Mine passed, but my Opa is still alive and welland travels way more then me!!

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