Tuesday, November 23, 2010

life lessons

this week i made myself a patch of egg salad.
i. love. egg salad.
oh my goodness.
there is nothing better!
mmm. come to mama.
as my taste buds were positively squirming with delight,
i remember just why i have a passion for a tea party sandwich. 

the year was 2000 & i was in fifth grade. it was lunch time, and Mrs. Gruenberg's class had just made themselves comfortable on the long tables of the cafeteria. Brittney Stapleton sat across from me, and had just displayed the contents of her lunch pale to the table.
"ewww yuck!" she exclaimed, as if a ziploc of cockroaches had mistakenly landed in her lunch.
"my mom made me egg salad."
by the look on her face, you knew this was bad mojo.
today was the day she would let herself starve.

now, i had a bit of a conundrum with this. i loved egg salad. more than any other lunchtime staple. it was my manna, the day mom made us egg salad was always a blessed day. but, was i wrong? being the little fifth grader i was, i didn't know what was cool. should i agree with her, and turn my back on my lovely egg salad? would that make me cool? but then i'd always have to turn down egg salad at school. what a waste. and it is hard to keep up with a lie, i learned that when i told Olivia Baker that i had a pet giraffe and seven bathrooms in my house. but, i want to be cool. and i should be like the other cool girls to be cool,right?
tentatively i opened my own lunch and said, "want to trade me for a tuna fish?"

"oh yes! tuna fish is the best!" said Brittney.
as we swapped lunches, i had a big smile on my face. sucker! 
in my opinion, tuna fish was the scum of the earth. and smelled worse.

on that day i learned that it isn't really cool to do what other people do.
i can be cool too, by just trying to be me. it's okay to be a little bit different.
all thanks to a simple egg salad sandwich.

peace & love


Bridget said...

i think i might make some egg salad right now thanks to you!

Brooke said...

aw so cute! I've been craving an egg salad sandwich forever and that picture isn't helping my cause ha. I love that you learned that from a sandwich so cute!

TheReal.NateTucker said...

I love how you summed up everything in that last little paragraph! Life Lessons learned from an Egg Salad!

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