Monday, November 22, 2010

winner winner chicken dinner!

umm. one, two, skip a few?
so i'm gettin behind on my 30 for 30 posts.
sorry! we only get internet sometimes. our internet really is mean & cranky.
i think i should bake it cookies. yes?
cookies solve most problems. & husband would be happy.
hairpiece: gifted from a miss | button-up: F21 | sweater vest: charolette russe | pencil skirt: burlington | blue tights: gifted from a miss | mary janes: thrifted

'ello poppets!
how were your Sundays?

if they were like mine, you played with the cutest neices & nephews anywhere,
crunched your toes on lots of snow, ate lots of fudge & saw some old old friends.
if not, then you might have been very responsible,
& posted the winner to your little giveaway when you said you would,
& not have left your sweet cyber friends hanging. 
{hangs head in shame}
i'm sorry!

but i am pleased to announce: 
Bridget from "tales of me & the husband" as our winner.
cheers & cheers!
Bridget's randomly picked comment was:
 "annnd i pretty much love the one you wore in your wedding!!"
oh, thank you. & i love your presh family pictures!
seriously stealing that idea for mine.
when i get a little day. *wishes with all of her heart*

bridget, email me your shipping info & item choice to laurenpulsipher {at} hotmail {dot} com.

 thank you everyone for your sweet comments!
may the odds be ever in your favor!
{that's a hunger games reference. you still haven't read it? sheesh. get with it, girl!}

have a thankful week, everyone.


Natasha said...

You're always sooo cute!!
I love your tights and shirt...the colours are great!

Jodi said...

HEEEYYYY!! You are so cute.. I love your outfits and photos, you are such a cutie!!

I am also doing the 30 for 30 challenge and look forward to the upcoming next half of the challenge.. will be by for outfit ideas from you...
cheerio, Jodi

Tiffany said...

I love the color of those tights and the outfit is awesome! Those black and white shoes are so classic!

Anonymous said...

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