Monday, November 29, 2010

t & i are artists!

michaelangelo has nothing on us.
the friday after thanksgiving, travis & i felt very adventurous.
so as adventurers, we went on a walk.
here & there & everywhere we went,
until we ended up smack in front of the snow-glittered Capitol building.
a few snow angels later, we decided to build a snowman!
we started... but you know when your creative juices are flowing, and you look at your empty slab of marble, or blank canvas, or blob of snow, and you can just see what's supposed to be inside?
you do? oh good! now i don't feel so much like a dork.
well, our little blob of snow didn't say "man".
ours said "duck".

we had so much fun with our duck for the evening.
& we think you should have some snow fun too! 
so go outside & shiver this week {smile}
peace & love


Sarah said...

ha ha oh my gosh you guys are exactly like me and my husband...who would make a regular snowman right?! I love your blog by the way, new follower!
Wearing It On My Sleeves

Kathy said...

A snow duck... what a brilliant idea! I can only hope to get enough snow to build a snow-shape of some sort.

Brookie said...

i love your duck:) said...

Your duck is so cute!

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