Thursday, December 09, 2010

let's talk decor.

so if you know me at all are my mother, or my Travis, or someone who i tell my hopes & dreams to regularly,
you would know that i have big plans for my kitchen.
and that most of those plans include a kitchenaid {still dreaming on that one}
& heaping helpings of chalkboard paint.
i just think it adds so much to a room.
i found some eye candy via the interweb for your pleasure.
i adore this blue stove. i have never quite felt distinctly positive feelings towards a stove before...
but now that i have, i kinda like it.

anyway, there are some of my hopes & dreams for the day.
have you used chalkboard paint in your home?
does it rock as hard as i think it does?
let me know!


Kathy said...

Chalkboard paint is so much fun! I love that last kitchen. It's cozy, fun, and more organized that mine!

PS: Kitchen Aid Mixers are the best evarrrrr. Mine's apple green and named Gertrude. (Thanks Sis-in-laws!)

Scott+Tiffany said...

Dear Lauren,
I love the chalkboard paint!

Check this out.

Even if you don't with a kitchenaid, you will love her website.

madison said...


Ashley said...

Lauren, I have to tell you, reading your blogs make me incredibly happy. I'm glad your starting to love my homecity ;) and keep up on the blogging. Your incredibly gifted.

Now, if only you could teach me how to make my blog look better :)

kristine said...

Ahh! I want chalkboards everywhere now!

Kristine. Or Polly

Anonymous said...

my friend has it in her room and its fantastic!! as for kitchen aid, my sister is obsessed with the lil buggers! unfourtunently they are ubbber expensive, so then i found this...

use code "giftsale1" for $10 off!!

knock off..yes?

totally sweet...duh!!!

check it out!!

love your blog by the way!!

Linda W said...

I LOVE chalkboard pant. If I was allowed, I would paint it on the walls of my classroom. I never thought about using it in the kitchen, but it totally works!

The Auspicious Life

Kelsey said...

I think that chalk board paint and kitchens are a match made in heaven! I hope you get your kitchenaid and a couple of gallons of paint in the near future.

Lissa Clair said...

ah! chalkboard paint is my favorite!

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