Monday, December 13, 2010

mooovin out!

moo. moo. moo. movin' out! 

t & i are movin' on out of our apartment this week. hurray!
only thing is... we don't know where we're moving to. 
the plan was to go back to school but, uh... school was mean to us. we didn't get in for january.
so... we've got no apartment, no university, no jobs.
i wonder what we'll do next?

trust me. i'm on the edge of my seat, too. 
for now, we'll make due with fabulous in-laws & christmas in sunny arizona in six days! wahoo!

where do you think we should move to? 
we're definitely up for a little adventure.
peace & love

oh & one more thing!
i'm now on bloglovin. i don't know what it means... but maybe you do?

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Dawn said...

we've been in the burg for waaaay too long.
Draper Oaks apartments are in our ward and 12 families are movin' out, so we know that they are available.
They are cheap cheap, but have no cable(that's kind of a deal breaker with me haha).
If it were me, i'd soak up the sun and warmth in AZ and avoid iceburg until summer semester.. but i hate the cold.

Kathy said...

you're seem like such an easy going person! I would be FREAKING out if I were in your shoes! heck, I'm freaking out about moving already, and I've got a few months to go!

Kate said...

Any interest in sunny Spain? Haha I have an extra's a twin bed, but you and Trav could squeeze right?

Really though I wish you the best with your new adventure and I look forward to seeing what exciting things are coming up for you two.

TheReal.NateTucker said...

Move in with me! (or not, just as long as you are here)

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