Monday, January 24, 2011

a dreamer designer

 my girl megan & hubbin are moving into their new pad
& today she called me to be her interior designer.
i was honored! seriously, best phone call ever.

we had a lot of fun mapping out what to paint, stain, and gut.
& i just loved letting my creativity go wild.

t & i are moving next week, {oh, didn't i tell you?}
rexburg here we come!
& i am finding myself staying awake at night thinking of all the things i want to do to our new place.
does anyone else do this too, or am i just going design crazy?
i am? oh.... ok.
haha! anyway here's a few examples of what are oh so lauren-esque.

1. i adore the number of prints used in this room
 it makes the room so interesting, i'm a big fan.

2. i'm diggin this couch
& the chairs make me wanna die.
my oma has a pair just like them... "dear oma, please put me in your will?"
haha. but really.

3. i just love these exposed rafters, so charming!

4. this room is my favorite because of its clean, fresh lines.
so light & airy!

5. & lastly, i am building a bookshelf this large in my home. 
with my own two hands. or husband's. whatever.

all images were found via house beautiful. go for a visit,
i've honestly been spending all of my time there for a week.
all. of. my time.
it's a serious problem.
good luck!

peace & love


Ashley said...

I have to tell you.
I find myself spending HOURS on your blog, reading blogs I've already read & still enjoying them like it's the first time I'm reading it.
You have an incredible skill ! :)

David and Jessica Olsen said...

i can't wait for you to come to rexburg dude!

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