Friday, May 13, 2011

And God said let there be light

peace love lauren
peace love lauren
bow: forever | cardigan: old navy | top: thrifted | jeans: reconstructed | shoes: payless

and there was! looooots of glorious sunlight!
i knew the burg had some good in it.
t & i are both very happily sun-burnt today {smile}

so a little about this outfit: today i woke up 15 minutes for class. i happens.
i did that look-at-the-clock jump-out-of-bed dance-around-looking-confused thing as i tried to quickly decide what to do. i could make it if i didn't shower & did make-up in the car (i know it's dangerous, don't hate!) the clothes were the closest in the closet so that was easy, the only question was my hair.
it looked like i had rolled around in glue all night... there was no taming it.
the only answer was a gigantic, convenient hair bow. 
so fabulous. so distracting.

anyway loves, 
sorry about that blogger disaster of 2011.
let's pray it never happens again.

1 comment:

Elise said...

Love the outfit! I am so glad it is finally starting to be sunny outside, it is wonderful :)

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