Thursday, May 12, 2011

lovebook IV

1. i ran into this cozy living room today, and i completely died & went to heaven. 
i'm a girl who loves living with color, so this home is a great deal of hecka tight.
holy crap crap crap.
2. in the entire nine months + a six days that t & i have been married, we've never owned a kitchen table. this becomes very problematic when we invite cool kids over for dinner, and we all have to eat like Korean monks. (on the floor, criss cross apple sauce. if that was a lame reference)
mind buying us this one? don't let the fact it's over a thousand stop you!
3. i found this chick's tumblr the other day, she went from over 200lbs to 115 completely by diet and exercise--the healthy way! she is such a success story and so inspirational! often she'll post her meal plans for the day and the girl bakes more than taylor swift so, check her out. {smile}
4. i happened to find the quirk's fashion blog... i am amazed by her undeniable vintage style.
5. build your own kaleioscope = hours of fun!
6. i have absolutely no interest in healthy eating. (bit sad really.) that being said, here's a recipe for cake batter pancakes. now, wipe the drool off your keyboard and think about investing in an insulin pump for the eminent diabetes.
7. i love strange, thought-provoking art. (just not Pollack. Pollack is too weird.) but, Mark Jenkins' take on street art is fairly hilarious.
8. how to get newspaper nails!
9. behold, a baby & his spoon.
10. everyone loves bunting, especially when it's free & printable!

happy thursday, party people.
i get to see my family this weekend!
AHHHHH! <---- {indicates complete & utter excitement.}


mrs. autumn said...

Yeah...we should probably get to buying a kitchen table too.

Anonymous said...

ive said it before and ill say it again i am absolutely loving your blog!!! so adorable and fun youz rock - samantha

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