Saturday, May 14, 2011

yellow lovely

proof that spring has sprung in the burg! 
it was magical seeing all of these babies pop themselves out of the earth overnight. i love nature!
anyone know what these are called? dandelions? daffodils? straight up weeds?
i have no idea, but they remind me of my mother. 

i remember one spring afternoon when we kids were very young, i plucked one yellow lovely from the backyard and brought it to my mama sita. this simple act gave her a lightbulb moment-- she proceeded to claim just how much she loved these yellow flowers and could we kids please pluck as many as we could find and bring them to her? just be sure to get the roots too she said, and it would help to grab any of the weeds around them. because they were friends. or something.
of course, we did as she asked. 
we'd do anything for mama.

soon a grand but quickly-waning bouquet sat on the kitchen table, because my mother had successfully tricked he children into weeding the yard.
clever girl. i'll have to remember that one {smile}


Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Oh yeah that was a good one! (giggle giggle)

Lesa said...

tricky, tricky

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